Sunday, March 28, 2010

What TiZ Wishes She Had Also Said...*

Many thanks to young stage manager extraordinaire, Sarah Luedloff, for always lacing me up and never posting the Parson Hat Picture.

And to Courtney for being my pre-party date on a moment's notice.

And to Sara Brickey for the Ted Drewes concrete that almost killed me.

To Cody for the bunny ears and his risk of imminent death EVERY NIGHT.

To Stacy for calling a great show and never REALLY freaking out when I missed half hour...which somehow became habitual.

To Mindy for not really minding my practicing my brand new ukulele at three in the morning.

To Lou for making me look faaaaaaabulous (which ain't easy nowadays).
To Soon for her wig magic and for lending me her sanity on a consistent basis. And for lending me Tom for this delightful award ceremony.

To Lisa for not letting me sound too much like the drag queen that I am.

To Dana for not letting the world know I don't dance...don't ask me.

And to the Council...thank you so for the honor.

*Afraid of being played off, I was. And also of forgetting just ONE important person's name.

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