Sunday, March 21, 2010

I WriTe...

...NeW YoRk listens.

(That doesn't quite makes sense, does it? Go with me anyway.)

I received a message from a friend this morning. The article has seemingly been online for two days but showed up in the New York Times Regional Section today. Sunday. Now officially TiZday.

He was a Seat Hogger and he got a ticket...for fifty dollars. Fifty buckaroos. Fifty crisp dollar bills. The "One Ass-One Seat" Law in full-frontal effect.



Now, if we could only do ciTiZen arrest under Section 1050.7 of the Rules of Conduct, I would be golden. Manhattan would no longer feel the need, purge the urge to impose a city tax because I'd single-handedly be scoring AsSloads of revenue for them.

I wrote this NeW YoRk. Now be a good city and listen to TiZ and AsS.

If I do good, can we rename it TiZhattan?

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