Thursday, March 4, 2010

On the 34th Day of Christ*&^%$

On the 34th Day of Christ*&^%$, TiZ reveals to you...

1. Sometimes the world feels very unsafe to me.
2. When the world feels very unsafe it always reunites me with or introduces me to the loveliest people, thus proving me wrong.
3. I think poop is very funny.
4. I like to make jokes in yoga class.
5. I think any song is improved by a ukulele.
6. I don't play the ukulele particularly well.
7. I am always ill at ease after a visit to the family manse.
8. The longest dry spell of my career may be ending very soon.
9. I worked out maybe three times in the month of February. I now have a FaT AsS.
10. My eyes are very sensitive and infect easily.
11. I wish I had different eyes...ones that don't infect so easily...and maybe green.
12. My breath is taken away by generosity.
13. I was recently nominated for a Kevin Kline Award and I'm going to the ceremonies. I figure if they were pleasant enough to nominate me, then I should be pleasant enough to drag my FaT AsS to St. Louis.
14. I do impersonations.
15. Until three weeks ago I didn't know I did impersonations...except Looney Tunes characters and they don't often come in handy.
16. I was the best female Elmer Fudd the Looney Tunes people had ever heard.
17. I do my best work when I think I'm off my game.
18. I have a pair of powder blue cowboy boots that have the most satisfying heel strike.
19. My refrigerator has been a little broken for 8 years.
20. When I'm cold my teeth actually chatter. REALLY chatter. Very loudly.
21. All my recent boyfriends have been freakishly loud snorers. What is that about?
22. I believe in separate bedrooms.
23. I actually kinda believe in separate homes and am looking for someone else who believes the same.
24. My ex-therapist does not live with his wife.
25. I love my ex-therapist.
26. For years I would finish a book no matter what. Now? Not so much.
27. I was an awful baby.
28. My mother wished a baby like me on me. I think that may be why I don't have a baby.
29. I have a feeling I'm going to outlive all my friends and this worries me, so I keep making younger and younger friends.
30. I've hit a wall.
31. I think it's good when I hit a wall.
32. I love Love LOVE yoga toes.
33. I wish I had my old bathtub back.
34. I'm sorry I've been such a bad blogger...a sloggy blogger.


  1. Sometimes the future frightens me. I feel that I will be alone someday.

    I’ve developed wonderful friendships with the most unlikely suspects on facebook.

    I talked in yoga class once and was told to be quiet. Now I go to the gym instead.

    I have a piano but am not disciplined enough to play it regularly and I’m not yet willing to give it away.

    I’m dysfunctional for at least a week after visiting my family.

    My college roommate has offered (and I accept) to be my sister.

    My sister doesn’t approve of my lifestyle, or much of what I do, and I’m letting her go.

    I love my new sister.

    I wish I had younger eyes or the guts to wear contacts.

    God help me as I’m going back to college. No more excuses.

    I’ve been given an opportunity at work to do what I love for the summer. Hope it becomes permanent.

    I’m perimenopausal and would be happy to sleep in a sponge for now.

    I had a therapist 16 yrs ago who said if I could survive this relationship, it would be the best thing that ever happened to me. He was right.

    I’m the luckiest girl in the world.

    I’m crazy about my dogs and I have a favorite. Little Leo.

    I got my hands fixed last summer and now I can play racquetball. I like playing alone and hitting the ball really hard after work :)

    I didn’t have any children because I was afraid I would have been like my mother.

    I love my friend Tiz and am glad she’s on her way back to work.

    I do a pretty good Kathryn Hepburn.


  2. 19 - How can a fridge be "a little" broken?

    29 - I think I kind of do the same thing with the ages of my friends. My parents (in their 70s) have friends who are in their 30s. I guess it's hereditary.

    How's March treating you?



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