Monday, June 8, 2009

United Colors of Tiz and Ass

Because the blog is a means to an end…

Yikes. I don’t mean that meanly. The blog is the blog but the blog was born of a wish to get a little book I’ve written published. Build a platform. Build a readership.

But I’ve built a blog that I love.

But because it began as a means to an end, I put a clicker on it…so I could see how many peeps were checking in. A bit of marketing. A bit of ego-stroking. A bite of an apple in Eden.

What I find most amazing is where the claques are clicking from. The US I get. Canada…cool. The UK…at the moment, yuck. (But just the moment. I’ll get over it.) Spain? Sure.


Japan, Italy, Netherlands, Malta, Australia?

Because I’m a greedy Gus, I wanted Africa.

And I got Africa—Algeria, Morocco and, most recently, GHANA.

And then came Indonesia.

With the strong showing in the Muslim community, a light-bulb flickered in the ol’ noggin.

The next day Israel showed up.

Greedy Gus gassed it up. Yesterday, India clicked in.

The United Colors of Tiz and Ass…I am an ambASSador.

An ambASSador of what, though?

Only time will tell and the means may already have meant the end. Little Miss Glass-Half-Full feels published in 15 countries.

Come on South America! China! Russia! Go ahead, make my day.

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