Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesdays with Ollie

I went on the hands-down best first date ever last night. Really. Quiet yet a romp. Intimate yet out there.

He’s a blonde. Husky. Really cute. Not quite as smart as I usually go for (gee, I hope he doesn’t read this), but where has that ever gotten me and I’m probably smart enough for both of us.

Great grin. Gazes at me as if the world begins and ends with La Tiz. Comfortable in the kitchen. Tea-totaler. Even without the alcohol we had fun and games and general revelry. Anyone who'll play ball with me inside at midnight (and by ball I DO mean ball) gets treated tres bone.

He didn’t check his texts or voice messages once. Not once.

He’s a little younger than I am. (Not sure whether I’m a milf or a cougar. Not sure he cares.) He’s a career man…a recent change but he’s moving up the corporate ladder expeditiously. His immediate superior better watch his tail. I really dig anyone who takes chances mid-life.

And he protected me from a few real dogs. Bless.

Bitch that I am…there was an overnight. No real fooling around but lots and lots of kisses, a little pawing (I have a few scratches) and hand-holding.

And he has the best bed-head EVAH

Ollie…Annie stunt Sandy. He’s a rescue dog. As we know I specialize in lost boys…just call me Wendy.

And as usual, in the morning, I’m left with shit in hand.

On the other hand, nothing tops kibble kisses.


  1. Love to hear how he felt about it.

  2. What a sweet little puppy! And I hope that you made it through ok on the 22nd. I know it was a hard anniversary. XO

  3. Seems like you came out of it with some great tail. Err... tale?

  4. xxx to you three. and ANONYMOUS...thanks for the idea! ideate again soon please.


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