Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Day in Ollie-Wood


So Brian my boss sent me home with this milf-bone the other night…I mean, really? Lucky dog, right?

Her doghouse? Bitchin. A bathtub to jump in (first adventure), a couch to vault (second adventure), a bed to bounce (third adventure) and a couch cushion to dry hump (fourth adventure). She kinda yelled at me for that one…something like, “blah blah blahBLAH blah blah.” I don’t know…it didn’t sound friendly. Somebody should muzzle her.

I think she thinks she's smarter than me.

Fed me. Gave me a ball (and by ball I DO mean ball).

Slept with her...first date...I AM the one and only, original, ALPHA MALE...gettin' a little tail on the first date. She was so grateful she gave me the air-conditioned side of the bed…thought that was howlin. She tasted like a giant salt-lick so I kissed her a lot. And in the morning her breath was ARFUL—I soooooooo DIG that.

It was all fun and games ‘til the peanut butter came out…

As I always rebark, “A little dog’ll do ya!”


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