Friday, December 5, 2014

On the Fifth DaY of TiZmas

On the Fifth DaY of TiZmas, TiZ reveals to you...

I hate people being obviously secretive in public. Exhausting.

I have three radiators in my apartment.  All but one have been turned off.

If I make my bed in the morning I have a far more successful day than when I don't.

It has taken me just shy of 50 years to learn that. (I'm not saying I'm shy of 50's just I didn't make my bed before that.)

So my Pappy would think I could make my bed, I slept in it made so it would be perfect when he arrived in the middle of the night.  It makes absolutely no sense.  Gotta love a three year old brain.

1 comment:

  1. I have great ideas but have a hard time following through.

    I used to like looking just like my big brother and wearing his hand-me-downs.

    When my bedroom was on the first floor, I used to see a red eye in the closet. I would sneak upstairs, sleep in my sisters extra bed and then make the bed and sneak back down stairs before anyone woke up.

    I wore snow pants.

    I got my first pair of Levi's when I was 13.


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