Sunday, January 31, 2010

On the 32nd Day of Chris*&^%$

On the 32nd Day of Christ*&^%$, TiZ reveals to you...

32 things I have learned in 2010.

1. I have trouble writing in the first person singular now because of FaceBook updates.

2. I hate being sick.

3. I am not good at being sick (there are some people who are).

4. FaceBook comes in really handy when you are sick and can't see your friends.

5. All it takes is a kind word to turn my world around.

6. All it takes is a kind word to turn someone else's world around.

7. Never ever lend things to an ex-boyfriend.

8. I like people to return the things I lend them.

9. Eddie Izzard is a demi-God.

10. An overheated apartment is better than an under-heated one.

11. If you see spare gloves that someone has lost, pick them up and give them to a homeless person...they usually need them.

12. I hope all my lost gloves are found and on the hands of someone who needs them and not in some lost and found box.

13. They should rename global warming "global weirdening."

14. I like being nominated for awards.

15. Even more better (a Nana phrase) than being nominated for an award is having my friends be happy for me. It really is better.

16. It is more better to admit and give into my TaB addiction and save fifty bucks a month by ordering it from a distributor.

17. New York Sports Club sucks. They attached my credit card to another person's account for the last four months so I've been double charged to the tune of $300.

18. New York Sports Club sucks. They made me leap through hoops to prove it was my card.

19. New York Sports Club sucks. They didn't apologize.

20. A true friend lends you ten bucks to buy the completely amazing vintage boots you're dying for.

21. There's no accounting for taste. Avatar? Adolescent boys' wet dream.

22. There's no accounting for taste. Sigourney Weaver? Luckiest actress in the world.

23. Community is waaaay important.

24. It was surprising to learn that very few people were aware of Haiti's troubles before the earthquake.

25. If you ask questions precisely and with passion, people clamor to answer.

26. I can become close to speechless and very teary when a kindness is extended towards me. It's been a mute and teary 2010.

27. If we're not here to help one another, why are we here? I'm just asking...

28. I should have learned to read my investment statements a long time ago. Better late than never.

29. iMovie is wicked fun.

30. There is no reason to wash my hair more than twice a week. (Do not be grossed out. I have really dry hair.)

31. I'm much happier when yous guys read and comment on my blog.

32. If I want to be much happier, I should blog more often.

**Would love to hear about what you learned this year...I'm just sayin'.


  1. Sigourney Weaver is an actress...?!

  2. You should call Obama with #13. Most people are like: "Global Warming? Yes please!"

  3. You make a mean chocolate chip cookie pie. My office mates and I thank you. (By the way, slightly heated = gooey goodness.)


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