Sunday, January 10, 2010

Dear Ann Ominous

Aaaaah--one of you anonymous folk offered a suggestion when I mentioned I had flown into the blaaahg wall. Seems I had shown up in one of your dreams.


Oh yeah.

You asked me to write of a fantasy. And I've thought about it. Thought about it. And I don't have any fantasies that weren't hinted at in the 12 Days of Christ*&^%$. (Oh, 12 Days of Christ*&^%$, I miss you). There are fantasy know...the LIST of people to do before I die, but no fantasies purr say.

So, I offer, in its stead, the two most interesting places I've been naughty and nice.

The President's Lounge of Woolsey Hall at Yale. I left my panties on the chandelier.

The Sheep's Meadow in Central midnight...with a bowie knife in hand...just in case we were mugged. Note to self and others: REALLLLLLLY not wise to involve one's self in coital shenanigans with a deadly object in hand.


  1. that chandelier will never be the same. I will never be able to just listen to a concert there anymore without a little wonder

  2. How many of your friends, if any, are on your fantasy list? If they were available, would you tell them? If they are involved, would you restrain yourself from telling them? If they are involved, would you still jump them?


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