Friday, January 29, 2010


56 people stopped into my blog yesterday. FIFTY-SIX!!

LVI for you ancient romans out there.

I've been miraculously lame about blogging recently. I've had a lot on my plate now that the cold is no longer breakfast, lunch and supper. Writing, producing, acting and now iMovie editing a little scene for my reel. iMovie is mesmerizing but I don't recommend it if you wish to have a life outside of magical, creative "I'M A CINEMATOGRAPHER IN MY DREAMS" land. Two GREAT theater auditions (no singing for me, thank you very much). Fixing snafoos. Serving on a steering committee. Dining with nearest and dearest. Seeing the snazzy Schmoops groove with some of jazziest musicians around. And I've been to tap class again which will be blogged about tomorrow because it makes me worry for the youth of America.

Oooh...I almost forgot. I baked three pies.

But this is to say I thought people actually choosing to vacation in TIZ and AsS World was completely dependent upon my status update invites in the Book of Face. But I didn't do DICK yesterday...other than post a "canned" photo.

Who visited? Who are you? Do tell. And please come back again when I have something of import to impart which is quite imminent.*

*The last day of January is The 32nd Day of Christ*&^%$. Be there or be hexagonal...or maybe a rhomboid.

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