Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Expoundage on Quote Deux

"Talent is absolutely luck. And no question that the most important thing in the world is courage. People worship talent and it's so ridiculous. Talent is something you're born with, like Kareem is born tall. That's why so many talented people are shitheels. But courage is everything because life is harsh and cruel. I believe it completely."

- Woody Allen

Woody...I'm with you on this and I'm not with you on this.

First of all, I believe that Luck is a talent. To quote another famous comedian...

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity."-Seneca

Yes, Kareem was built tall but I can't imagine he came out of the womb and sky-hooked that placenta into the waste bin. He acquired skills. He refined. Was he a shitheel? I don't know.

And Woody, from what I hear, your calling Kareem a shitheel would be akin to the pumps calling the handbag "bone." (Please notice how I tactfully step away from pots and kettles.)

And B, yes, life is harsh and cruel. Courage helps. Fearlessness is key. But I personally don't think Courage is everything. And I'm not sure I worship anything.

Well...that last statement makes me a teensy bit sad.

But if we're making a list and checking it twice, Love reign (and rain) o'er me.

Talent mixed with courage and love?



  1. See now, this is where the Yalie in you shows. Quoting Seneca? You make me proud. OH, and I agree with you throughout. OH, and my friend dated Mr. Kareem and from what she said he was a pretty nice guy.

  2. Of course they are no longer dating and I didn't specifically pose the question "Was he a shitheel?" But don't people usually offer those assessments spontaneously?

  3. Not quite completely on target - but in the ball park - I've been focussed lately on integrity. It frequently requires courage and often reflects love. But what I've been amazed by are the spineless actions of people who have talent, luck, courage (often), and are given a loving benefit of the doubt - and still they set themselves up to act with integrity or be shits. The thing that kills me is that they often are the ones creating the scenarios that they then spinelessly craw away from.

    Carry on.


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