Tuesday, December 26, 2017

On the Twelfth DaY of the #Resistance

On the Twelfth DaY of the #Resistance, TiZ reveals to you...

I am on a week long hiatus from politics.
My head is full of puppy dogs and songs.
I fostered a dog for Christmas. His working title is Felix Navidad.
I am more at ease.
I will reconvene on January 2nd.
I was disappointed by the Tax Bill vote.
I will most likely take off one week per month from politics.
I’m not sure I should know as much about how the sausage gets made.
I wonder as I wander: How easy would it be to become an Irish citizen? What is their lottery like?
If I know someone celebrates Christmas and I wish them a Merry Christmas and you correct me and say, “Happy Holidays,” I admit to feeling the urge to smack you.
I fear we are heading for a strange boomerage (typo...keeping it) of liberal puritanism.
I GOTTA BE ME! (Which is right now the me that drinks champagne and eats chocolate cake.)

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