Wednesday, February 20, 2013


NaNa died.  I became a middle-aged orphan.

I did my first Broadway show in *&^%%$ years.

Tom Hulce sent me roses when I signed on.  We like him.

I learned a show in 5 hours and performed it in front of people the next day.

I visited a friend I had never met in his Vermont home.  Best. Time. Ever.  As we scootered through the woods by the light of a full moon, he bellowed,  "It is a CRIME we are not in love."

Did a second reading of my play.  Learned SOOOO much thanks to my many and many-gifted friends.

Received a grant for the play.

Seventh floor dressing room.

So overworked I passed out.  My nose hitting the dresser is what broke my fall.  And my nose.

Was thrown a surprise gluten-free birthday party by housemates.  One of my favorite birthdays ever.

Drank way more than I should have.

Sang at NaNa's funeral mass.

Was magically taken care of by the universe.

Did NOT fall in love or anywhere near it.

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