Saturday, February 16, 2013


Really very little clue about this year...

Huge crush and soul connection with someone terribly unavailable.

Met a fabulous director who changed the way I respected myself as an artist.

Was cast in two shows that were both cancelled.

Worked with another director who made me cry twice.  The second time he made fun of me.  THAT did not go well.

Enjoyed a baby squirrel as my dressing roommate.

Ended up in the emergency room with ten bug bites that were the size of dessert dishes...all between waist and knee. Imagine.

Laughed so hard (and was so drugged up for the bug bites) in a tech rehearsal that I fully relieved my bladder on set.  Luckily for me, the set was astroturf.  Absurdly, NO ONE NOTICED.

OOOH...discovered MEDITATION.  YEAH!

Oh...oh.  Booked a gig on 30 Rock.  My scene partner was Kristen Wiig (and a dog) and since I didn't watch SNL I had NO CLUE who she was (Kristen Wiig, not the dog).  We got to impro a scene together. And she stayed when they reversed the shot, stating, "I don't abandon colleagues."  I liked her.

...More of a clue than I thought.  Phew.

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