Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Poppy died.  That's my Dad.

I was with him when he died.  Given the there.  It is an honor.

British Air felt so bad about me flying so soon after the funeral that they upgraded me to first class.  GO BA!

I spent most of the year in the UK, touring.  As mentioned previously...Favorite. Gig. Ever.

I made my West End Debut.

Attended High Tea at the Palm Court at the Ritz.  Could barely perform I was so caffeinated, carbed and sugared up...would have been better off drunk.

I turned down a Broadway show to make my West End Debut.

Within two minutes of meeting Trevor Nunn, I'd been Trevved.  Supposedly record-breaking.

I fell madly in love.

I ran sanely out of love.

I learned that I was/am  infertile.

Trying to end on an up note here...umm...

Got hired to play a 25 year old hooker off-Broadway.  Considering my age, that was AWESOME!

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