Monday, February 18, 2013


Created and utilized the best break up line ever.  Because he really wanted to break up but didn't have the balls to do it.

Again visited dear friends in London...and Leeds.

Laughed at an old lady's sick bed vehemence...because it really was terrifying and misplaced and shite she would have said even if she hadn't been sick.

Met my favoritest author in the world, Jeanette Winterson.

Made a stranger cry at a dinner party.  But it was a good cry.

Met a soul mate.

Discovered Eddie Izzard. Oh, how did I miss this majesty for so long?

Heard Nana have a stroke on the phone.  Terrifying.

Got down to fighting weight.  (I am supposed to be a skinny girl.)

Did 13 auditions and callbacks (in addition to 5 concerts) in one week.  And no job.  I was quoted as saying, "Hold me.  I feel cold."  It was a week of infamy.

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