Monday, February 11, 2013


I was so edged out at the top of 2004 that I moved to Woodstock for the winter.  Best. Winter. Ever.  (Thanks to my acting teacher having a guest house she gave me for pennies. THANKS, SANDE!) Just snow, and yoga and brilliant books as there was no TV and very little internet.

Did some tremendous work for which I was paid very little.  But being in the room with Charles Strouse and Lee Adams and Rupert Holmes and Mark Brokaw and Eric Stern made up for that. (Note: Must get hoover to hoove up all those names I dropped.)

Lived in a college dorm for the first since 1995.  Never again.  Oh, how quickly one returns to one's college antics.

Did a staged reading of a musical that would change my life...DROWSY CHAPERONE. I was hired because Ann Hathaway had to pull out for some reason and who do you get to replace Ann Hathaway?  You get someone old enough to be her mother.  But the quality of that show and my colleagues again made me change the way I look at work and my part in it.

Moved to England to do my favorite/best paid gig ever, ONE TOUCH OF VENUS. 

It was assumed that all the Americans in the production would just hang out.  And then, one day, the Brits took me in.  Fed me dinner.  And love. And I never looked back. A beautiful British Invasion into my life.

Was so terribly homesick before the British Invasion.  My brother was in London and I asked to be excused from rehearsal so I could visit with him.  They refused.  I then told them I would be going.  They still refused.  So I kinda quit.  They kinda rehired me and kindly gave me a couple of hours off.

I tore my gastroc.  And performed anyway. Ow. Ow. Ow.  Got better/more immediate/more relevant healthcare in the UK than the US.

I did not fall in love at anytime during that year.  I fell into a bit of obsession and...well...THAT was a bit of a mess.

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  1. Was "Venus" really nearly 10 years ago? Hard to believe it. We had fun with that show - most of the time!!!
    JQ xx


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