Sunday, November 15, 2009

Asterisk Interruptus

Did you notice in the last post, Vacay in the Countray, that there was asterisk interruptus? I led you to believe there would be an explanation of "unfortunate incident" and then I didn't do it.

Lying thieving whore am I.

And I'm still not going to do it....and since I'm speaking truth now, I guess I'm just a thieving whore. It deserves its own post and I have unfortunate clerical duties of my own today, but rest assured, it WAS an unfortunate incident...except for the hot hot firemen part. Me likey the hot hot firemen.

P.S. Vacay in the Countray was exactly what I needed. There was reading and sun-rooming* and fire-placing and jacuzzi-ing and R-Lee the Wonder Dogging.

*Sunroom in the rain. Why is that so special?

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