Sunday, October 17, 2010

Why Did I Think It Would Get Easier?

My friend Terry took his whole life (meant to write "own life" but "whole" works) on this date last year. Have I confined myself to my couch for 5 days with random trips to the fridge for TaB and stinky meats and cheeses again? No. Did I hurt like the dickens when I woke up this morning? Yes. Did I go back to sleep only to wake up and hurt like the dickens again? Yes. Did I go back...I won't tell you how many times that happened.

Tomorrow I climb a mountain in his honor. Those of you who know I missed a performance the other night because of an asthma attack might think this is a bad choice. But I will have inhaler on hand as well as clean mountain air. The climb is both an homage to Terry's final destination and...and...a tribute to Terry and the mountains he helped me scale for 28 years.

And good exercise so when I see him again he won't slam my slice of pound cake (slathered with chocolate sauce and whipped cream) on my thighs, all the while gleefully declaring, "Might as well manually apply it, Tizzy."

I love you. I miss you.


  1. Tiz - This shook me and made me understand the possibility that not all humanity has been sucked away. Your heart is so grand. I loved the expression "whole life" It says something so much more profound- enjoy and embrace the mountain. You teach me what friendship means.


  2. i'm not sure if this is an edward i know, or just a kind edward who reads random blogs by equally random people...

    but i thank you for your incredibly kind words.


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