Monday, August 2, 2010


...perhaps, I will regale you with tales of today. Tragic, turgid, bitter tales.

But today I tell of the weekend.

I turned old on Saturday. And Nana (aka, my mommy) showed up to have a girls' weekend that was made possible by the generosity and the exquisite event-planning of the Fairfield Tizzies.

Lunch (with anudder brudder) at Centro's, thanks to my bro and sis.
Birthday cake of Hostess Cream-Filled Cupcakes (FAV) thanks to thoughtful udder brudder.
Manicures, thanks to delicious nephews.
Pedicures, thanks to bro and sis.
Floating in the pool-priceless.
A wicked game of Scrabble poolside.
Dinner from The Pantry, thanks to bro and sis.
A special showing (in a giant fluffy bed) of THE YOUNG ELIZABETH, thanks to Netflix and me.

Breakfast culled from Fage yogurt and Sour Cherry preserves, courtesy of sis.
Prayers, thanks to Nana. (And God, I guess. I was doing laps.)
Lunch of the most delicious soups ever from The Pantry, under the auspices of bro and sis.
Movie and popcorn, the same. (Not mentioning movie name CAUSE IT SUCKED but it was lovely to spend time with the Nana...and lovely to consume butter-flavored topping.)
New book, thanks to Nana.
Floating in the pool-priceless.
A wickeder game of Scrabble.
Dinner of sloppy seconds. Yum.
A special showing (in same giant fluff bed) of THE BIG EASY. That'd be Netflix et moi encore. Nana LOVES Dennis Quaid in this one.

Another delicious breakfast of naughty cherry yogurt and some stand-over-the-sink-slurpable nectarines.
Prayers, thanks to Nana (and probably God).
Lunch of sloppier, soppier, more delicious seconds.

I loved all this. Deeply. Mainly because the Nana was there. I never get her all to myself. It just doesn't happen. The last time was 5 years ago, soon after Pop died, when I took over her care for a week.

And she tore her meniscus the first day.

This was waaaaaaaaaaaay more fun.

I'll take this any day.

Happy Birthday to us. And thank you to everyone who made it soooooooooooo gooooooooood.

love Love LOVE


  1. SOOO happy for you! (Especially if those Hostess cupcakes were chocolate with white filling - the best thing Hostess makes!)

  2. Happy birthday, Sweetie!!! Glad you had a good one -- mine is on the 18th!! Hugs, Tiz!

    Gina ^_^


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