Thursday, August 12, 2010


#1 I call myself a blogger.

#2 I like the Crayola Box of 24 better than the Box of 64 with the Built-In Sharpener.

It's a little known fact...I like to color. I like to color in coloring books. The past-time is growing ever more elusive are coloring books. Now they sell activity books. Activity books? Me no likey.

I think they suck in a major way.

Sucko mujero.

But I discovered something exciting and new. No, not love, you tv theme song fanatics.

Giant coloring pages.

Yes, giant pages with thick lines and large, wide-open spaces to fill. Delicious.

But back to the titular sacrilege.

The Crayola Box of 64 with the Built-In Sharpener was always the Holy Grail, Mecca, Alpha Centurion. For all of us. I mean it had "flesh" as a color, for Yahweh's sake. (This actually prompted an interesting racial discussion between Poppy and me when I was a wee tart.)

But I've learned that I don't like that much choice. (No, not racial color choice but crayon color choice.) Sometimes that much choice binds me up. (And yes, I mean fecally.) I need some rules, some limitations, some direction, in order to keep everything moving freely in the right direction.

So, I'm sticking with the 24. Which is good. I just learned they discontinued the 64.

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  1. Did you know that they still, occasionally, sell eight packs in metal tins? Now *that* is joy incarnate.


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