Saturday, August 14, 2010

Really, Jack?*

Really? I just wrote for 2 hours and 42 minutes...about one of the more gaping, more tender wounds in my life.

If you knew me you'd know...

#1 I do things I'm afeared of all the time.

#2 I'm quite bright and aware that procrastination is a symptom or byproduct of fear and I don't need a Psych 101 lecture to inform me thus.

#3 I don't appreciate people who don't bother to identify themselves. I find it a form of cowardice.

Procrastinate that.

That's all. Thanks.

*Poor Jack commented on my last blog. Wound writing made me cranky. Oops. PUT DOWN THE KEYBOARD, TIZ!!!


  1. Sorry it made you mad. Not the way it was intended. Not all people see their own fears and I read several posts where it felt like you weren't moving forward. And some of the brightest people we know have some of the biggest blind spots, glad you're not one of them.
    I also apologize that Google does not make it more clear how things will be listed to the blogger. I never have run a blog so when a blog site asks for my first and last name, e-mail address, etc. and does not ask me for a username I expect enough of my info to go to the blogger.
    Good work on the writing.
    -Jack McDowell,, Stage Manager
    freshly moved to Sacramento, California

  2. jacky jack jack jack. i adore you. you are good. i was cranky. i was bad. writing about something VERY hard and your post caught me at a time when i was feeling particularly vulnerable. so my apologies to the goodness that is you.

    and it IS moving forward. really is. so thank you for your concern and your kind words and please accept my humble apology...

  3. p.s. you did not include your social security number.


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