Saturday, August 7, 2010

My 3 Part Happy Anniversary Letter

Part 1

you've been married thirty years. THIRTY YEARS? that would make

this is not happening.


Part 2

oh...don't think i'm not selfish enough to run amok with your special day.

remember poppy's extubation?

i'll do anything for attention.

or a laugh.

Part 3

happy freakin' 30th anniversary.

i don't know what to write. my head and heart are full of so many happy, meaningful memories i can't see straight or type coherently.

but here we go...

your wedding? not one of those memories. i really only remember it through the pictures. i was 17. i was drunk. at least i remained standing for your special day. the pictures are quite beautiful. i hear it was grand.

all the fun cards i would get from "ky" when he was a baby. MY he was precocious. i still have the one where he recounted throwing up all over mommy.

the christmas i had just booked "beauty and the beast" when you made it all about that. i LOVED that. it wasn't enough that my dream came true, but you wanted to celebrate it in such a big way. WHO DOES THAT? ( both do. and still do. everyone is pea green with envy over my kevin kline award coach bag. i'm still waiting for kevin to arrive in the mail. i plan to carry him around in my pretty bag.)

your coming to god knows how many performances at mauschwitz...capped only by your willingness to flip mickey the bird in the bitter end.

it's those little gestures that count.

toodles-getting me into lorna's house and the best apartment deal EVER. it was sweet and nightmare-inducing to learn how much lorna's "cat" loved you.

toodles-hiring me at dr when everything went kaboom. i think i did an okay job. i know i did my best to help get you outta there.

mj- i never once witnessed you do a drive-by how are you. exquisite.

mj-responding that yes i could call you my sister and that you had been doing so for years. (okay...some tears just plopped on the keyboard 'cause that was a huge moment for me.)

toodles-on the flip side, lovely and hysterical phonecalls while you're driving. you have to love someone who, once the "car anal game" is explained, moans, "oh my god, that's disgusting!" and then just plays it and plays it and plays it. (explain it tommy.) you may have been indulging me. i like to be indulged. sue me.

what i fondly refer to as "the mother's day massacre." witnessing you both deal so beautifully with that mass exodus was astounding. in lesser hands it could have redefined you in a dramatically different way, but not you guys. i remain in awe.

paul. the one priest i can actually hear. thank you.

your sun room. the most peaceful place on the face of the earth (or really in the galaxy).

r-leigh. i know i met her first but thank you for letting us love one another so hard. she's my favorite blonde.

EVERY HOLIDAY EVER. from your driving up to nanapop's house in your pjs in the "johnny chose to hit a tree instead of a herd of rabbits" torino to new years eve and "how many women does it take to caja quadrada? dos. la interna y la exterma" to thanksgiving with the rowdy delicious schratwiesers to the most recent christmas that had so much love floating in the air it was enveloping.

ky and gav. i love them. they make my life far more special than i dreamed of it being.

as have you both. i love you and cherish you and can't wait to see what happens in your next thirty years of marriage. thank you so for letting me be a part of the ride.

love you tons and more,

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