Friday, August 13, 2010

I Read Somewhere

I read somewhere...

First of all, I wish that the past tense of "read" wasn't "read." It makes clarification difficult, oui?

How about "red" or "readed or my personal favorite "readeded."

Anyway, in the recent past, I read somewhere to develop *whatever* good working habit, pay yourself a small amount (like $3) every time you succeed in your work goal for that day. Cool. Fun. Every time you don't succeed, you remove that $3 and give it so some deserving (or wtf) undeserving charity.

So far this week I have $15. I give myself two days off a week. I'm sure when I start working in the business of show again (in approximately 2 1/2 weeks) I will hop it up to six days a week, as that's how much I have to work any way.

Anyway, my work habit is to write for an hour a day. Doesn't sound like it should be much, but I can be quite the twiddling twat. And I have all of these projects I would either like to continue (blog), complete (play and acting book), sell (book the play is based on) and start (The Coffee TaBle Book). So I can go into overwhelm. Like this morning. When I took took myself to see "Eat, Pray, Poop."*

The movie sucks.

So I went and worked out...twiddle. Then I sauna'd...twiddle. And the actually cleaned out some drawers...TWAT!

But now I sit and write. But I only have three more minutes and then I have to move onto my next project. That's the another rule I readeded somewhere. If you have limited time, so everything gets its due, divide and conquer.

Twelve minutes? Not enough time to edit the bl*(&^%$&

*Actually that's going to be the name of my sixth writing project.

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