Saturday, February 6, 2010

Trippy the Light Fantastique

So yesterday I took a job down at the Law and Order CI doing stand-in work. Not one of my life fact it feels a little demeaning when you've co-starred on the show.

Oh well. In this economy, work is work. Right?


The casting office made me laugh when they called. They were worried I was gonna be nervous.


I explained I'd starred in a few Broadway shows, done some nice tv work and thought I'd be fine. Really. Not to worry.

A little demeaning.

And I WAS fine. Made the DP laugh doing impersonations of Lina Lamont talking into the mic in the floral arrangement. "Oh, Pierrrrrrrre."

And he made me laugh when he said, "Second team...Tiz, do the scene @ speed. I know you know it."

I DID know it. But how did HE know that?

I laughed again when instead of the other nice stand-in, I turned around and was all of a sudden schmacting with Jeff Goldblum. Honestly. He cut in in the middle of the scene. And I've got this "What the fuck are you doing, man?" look on my face.

I have cartoon face.

And Jeff Goldblum is a nice man.

Jeff Goldblum likes to sing the entire plot synopsis to the tune of "Where or When" in falsetto. He does it beautifully. (I was, however, slightly disappointed that he never took the alternate high ending.)

This episode's director likes to perform dramatic readings of The Pointer Sisters' hit song "I'm So Excited" in dulcet, posh, RP tones.

How much do I love that a little demeaning developed into quite delightful?

Life is so much easier with delightful people.

N'est-ce pas?

Fuck this economy,

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