Monday, February 22, 2010

TiZ and YaZ

Have you seen the ad, kidlings?

Wow...that commercial is trippy.

All those things those women are doing...they should NOT be attempting while hormonally challenged. Painting your walls a questionable color, getting married, CUTTING YOUR OWN HAIR! I mean most of those things you hire-out for, right? Wait...except for the getting married thing. Note to self.

And aren't they all signs of suicidal tendencies? Wait...except for the getting married thing. Note to self.

So they recommend YaZ...a birth control pill which is not just for women with PMS. No. One step further...

It deals with PMDD...premenstrual dysphoric disorder, "a condition with emotional and physical symptoms severe enough to impact your life."

Sounds like run of the mill PMS to me.

"PMDD symptoms include anger, irritability, markedly depressed moods, feeling anxious, bloating, change in appetite, headaches, muscle aches."

Well...that could be PMS, that could be the flu (from what I've heard. Me no get flu), that could just be a normal human reaction to a recession or just a normal day in the life of TiZ.

I don't know where I'm going with all this but those commercials are such AsS that I laugh mine off.

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