Friday, October 16, 2009

Shoot the Should

And the weaning continues. I actually blew out my hair for the first time in a year. I had time on hand‘cause I wasn’t putting my life in the hands of a bjillion horoscopes. Blow-drying my hair is akin to a contact sport and yet it’s something I supposedly should have been doing all along.

Oh, that WORD!



Why should I? Why? Who made up this word “should” anyway. They shouldn’t have.

“Should” is used for giving advice or an opinion or a recommendation. I’m okay with its auxiliary function (or “fun”tion) to express probability, but the other un-fun auxiliary fucktions? No, thanks. Have the balls to say “must.” Have the gumption to “have to.” But “should?” Nuh uh.

And recently I got “should” on for an entire weekend. (I’m gonna drop the quotation marks from here on in. They’re tiresome.)

I hadn’t asked for advice. I hadn’t asked for opinion. Or a recommendation. I’m very careful of whom I ask such things…the scopes and a few folks-in-the-know. I had asked for nothing but company. But I should have known. (I believe that’s its auxiliary “fun”tion use, btw.) I got advice. I got opinion. I got recommendation. I was even the recipient of implied shoulds…the strange inference that we were inextricably tied and I really should have nothing of my own.

And it threw me for a loop. I lost all faith in my own advice or opinions or recommendations…for myself. I lost faith in me and actually took me to bed for a day.

Are you shoulding me? This is bullshould. Don’t should where you eat. I almost should myself. It was a true should hole and I took it up the should shoot. I got should-faced.

Before I took to bed, the should really hit the fan and I lost my should because I believe said should-er doesn’t know her should from shinola. Nobody’s should smells like roses, so stop telling me that I should do should.

Who are we to tell anyone else what they should do? We’ve reached an age…and I hope we’re all trying to get our should together.

This person? Definitely on my should list.

Should happens. But I never wanna shoot the should again.


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