Thursday, October 8, 2009

Here I Scream

I'm not even certain what that title's even about...but I did scream today. I screamed at some poor schmo named Marvin at Time Warner Cable because I was having my fourth issue this year, having spent more than two weeks without cable and a week without internet. The boys from TWC were here just a week and a half ago. They were delightful and I was so grateful I gave them adult beverages to help them wend their way through the evening. But oh-too-soon, I returned from a field trip to Nana Banana's to an unconnected internet...AGAIN.

Poor Marvin. He got the brunt of it. But what happens when you scream? Marvin jumps. After he informed me I would have to wait more than a week for a technician to climb my little mountain aerie, I might have had a smidgen of a psychotic break. Now, not only do I have six free HBO channels for the next month but he set his supervisors and the in-house technicians on my case immediately.

And two hours later they obviously jazzed up my little system and I can send my missives via zeros and ones out to you.

But I had to scream. I had to make an AsS of TiZ. Was it worth it? Yes. Do I believe I should get the same service without shredding my vocal cords? Yes. Do I know why our society values and listens to the squeaky, screechy, squealing wheels? No.

I often write of my family that they loved me so that I burst into song. And that they tortured me until I was loud enough to be heard.

Thrilled it's all coming in so handy dandy.

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