Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dear Robert

Thank you for playing, "I'm in the mind of Tizzy."

Your statement today, "Do what you can, as well as you can. That's pretty much what's available, and asked, of all of us" is on the heels and in the heart of something that came rushing out of my head in class last night.

"You are enough."

I know. I know. We've all heard that one.  But there's an important addendum...

"But you have to be you."

Not a sloppy copy.  Not who you'd LIKE to think you are.  Not who you DON'T like to think you are, but who are you at that very moment.  

It's funny.  A friend of mine read my cards recently and there was an overwhelming message that I won't dive into at the moment, but a secondary...

"Let the devil out."


And I have been.  It took a real kick in the pants to jar the sucker but the devil has been out and playing about.  

And I ain't so sure the devil's so bad.

Let's see what happens...

1 comment:

  1. Indeed, you have to be you! You're the only "you" that'll ever be "you" the way "you" can, and if you aren't being "you," the entire universe is missing something that it can never otherwise have.

    So, let YOU out! And while you're at it, definitely let the devil out! Better than letting the brimstone vapors build up inside your head, right?

    And no, the devil ain't so bad. He knows where the good comedy clubs are. And they wouldn't BE the good clubs if the people telling jokes there weren't on speaking terms with the devil, right?


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