Saturday, October 18, 2014


DAY 20

Yesterday was survived.  My only bad moments were while sitting in the dark.  Waiting for Cliffy up in the tower before act 1 finale I grew a bit dour.  And then waiting for the wedding.  There is limited opportunity for me to get upstairs festooned in all my finery, so I must go up early.  A chair is set in the dark and I get to listen to a lot of really, really sad songs about really, really dead people.

Let's partay....

Today was filled with family and friends and soooooo much food.  And flowers.  Delicate roses.  An armload of sunflowers the size of my head.  And the fancypants arrangements already waiting for me at home.

I love flowers. I do. Little makes me feel as wealthy.  Except maybe Baxter.  And my really excellent friends and family. And feeling seen.

Ka ching.

**I'm giggling 'cause that's not what I've really written about at all. I guess I meant to. And I will. I think it's important.  

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