Wednesday, October 8, 2014


DAY 10

One of my favorite people in the show has been gone.  Yesterday she returned.  To celebrate, I share with you our song...sung to the tune of "Magic to Do" from PIPPIN.

Join us.  Leave all hope behind.
Join us.  Give me, that is mine.
Join us. Come and waste an hour or tw...three.
Diddle dee dee

Journey. Journey to the barricade.
Bring a big grenade.
Join us.  Don't drink soda, you'll have to pee.

We've got people to kill...some just ill.
We've got run away carts galore.
We've no clothes that are nice.  We've got lice.
Jean Val Jean loves Jesus Christ.
I've got chocolate so let's make S'mores.**

**the line was originally "And TiZ plays a slew of whores," but since one of my favorite people is actually only 9, I had to change the lyrics.  She's not allowed to say "whore."


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