Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Tale of Two Theatres, Redux

It was the best of times...

At the San Jose Rep. So many good things to say about this theater, including the little gifty they sprang on me two weeks ago.

Because I did two extra days of work for them at the beginning and end of the run, they sprang for...wait for it...another week of health insurance, bringing me to 20 weeks, which gives me a full year of health insurance. Because they did the right thing, they just saved me anywhere between $1900 and $3800 depending on when/if/how I Cobra'ed.

Who knew Cobra was a verb?

An actor does.

It was the worst of times...

When my blog went off-road, y'all had to know a situation was bad. And basically just kept getting worse. So many bad things to say about this theater (that goes unnamed...somewhat akin to Beetle Juice), including the little gifty they sprang on me two weeks ago.

A denied Worker's Comp Claim. The insurance company didn't deny it on their own, the theater did first. While I was working for them. While I still had three weeks under their employ. Did they cop to it whilst I was in their presence? Of course not.

Because that would have been the right thing.

I spent the morning in a teleconference with their state's Industrial Commission. We actually had some laughs at that hour. Do I think it's going my way? Probably not. But it was a real nice clambake.

I'm leaving behind the foolishness, incredulity, darkness, despair, nothingness and Hell.

Forward, March.

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  1. I say let's even be done with March. Forward April!


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