Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Pajama Party

I know that in the past you have heard tales of my "alone days." No, not sad, pop ballad "All By Myself" salad days.

Glorious alone days.

Where I do nothing. See no one. Utter not a word.

It's my time to decompress.

As "alone days" are going to be hard to come by for quite a while, I've developed a bit of a new regimen.

The Pajama Party.

It is now 1:30 in the afternoon and I am still in my pajamas. I've been out, I've seen and I've uttered, but I've done it all from the comfort of my pajamas.

Don't be dirty.

And in my own time. I am master of my domain.

Don't be dirty.

A working vacation in a manner.

Don't be...

Until the next glorious alone day, this will have to do.

And it do me good.



  1. Oh, how I wish I could come play along! In an incredibly un-dirty - yet possibly wicked - sort of way, obviously. :-)

  2. In honor of you, I wore bunny slipper with my suit to the office today. Very dirty.


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