Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Absentia

Hi. This is the artist formerly known as TiZ. I haven't been around much recently, have I?

Mi dispiace.

I've been spending my time doing so many things that scare me out of my wits, that I haven't had time to place my fingers on the wee keys and send you little missives comprised of 0s and 1s through the interweb.

Mi dispiace.

Two of the things that have scared me out my wits?

I have hung my reiki shingle. Please contact me for more info.

I did a reading of my play last night for a room full of equally beautiful and terrifyingly smart people.

It went well.

I lost two pounds.

And they were kind and brilliant and insightful/inciteful and helped me in ways I could never have imagined. I'm embarrassed by the riches.

See you soon.

P.S. My claim was denied. That theater can go fuck itself. TTFN

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