Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You Know WHy

I don't always blog?

#1 Like the rest you, contrary to popular opinion, I have a life.
#2 Like the rest of you, my day starts with some breathing room and then, unless I'm vigilant, ends with me in one of those plastic bags with a hoover sucking the life from my lungs so I can be packed away for the winter.
#3 I start a blog, feel the need to research something, hit Google, and BANG! Blog is gone. Didn't open a new tab (not TaB) cause I'm a dumb-AsS.

I know...I research. I actually research some of the things mentioned in my blog. Usually I would be able to tell you what those oxygen-free storage bags are and link you up to the website, but not today. No way. 'Cause I'm gonna post this blog before my daily life begins and I get cold-cocked by circumstances.


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