Saturday, November 13, 2010

We're Going to Disney

Or maybe not...

I'm massively in love with these little weasels. Wise parents drive them through the night, telling them they're going to Dick's house. Then, as they've reached the ends of their itsy bitsy teeny tiny kid ropes, the grown-ups let them know...THEY'RE GOING TO DISNEY!

I don't think this is the response the rents were looking for when they whipped out the video camera in anticipation of their seedlings' responses.

Some think the kids spoiled. I think not. They have their wee noggins on straight in my world.

They wanna see Dick. Dick is obviously very important to them. Dick's important to me too.

Hail to the Dick!

h/t DLC for finding this delicious snippet of life on the Tube of You and posting it on the Book of Face.


  1. I say, cash in the damn tickets and change course for Dick's! Geez, don't force them to go to the happiest Place On Earth, huh? Or give the tickets to some poor kids who want to go and can't afford it. Nothing worse than a family vacation full of forced frivolity

  2. who is this DIck? he must be one hell of a guy!


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