Sunday, January 29, 2012


One more visit...where Baxter tried to take a bullet for me...the bullet being a strange woman who entered the room as Baxter sat in my lap. Little did I know she was completely new to Baxter until he started barking his fool head off. Lesson learned. Baxter meets NO ONE while sitting in my lap. We had to leave the room. They were surprised when I brought him back saying, "Okay, let's see if you can tolerate the nice lady now." He did. He sniffed her and looked at me like, "Okay...done. Can we move on? "

He got a new toy, a cashmere sweater that smelled embarrassingly like me and an hour and three quarters of play time. (These were not rewards. These were pre. His reward for behaving well was lots of "good boys.")

Yesterday his bed, collar and assloads of dog food were purchased. Today even more things come up off the floor and I decide whether he'll be eating and drinking out of my stuff or gets his own Baxter bowls. I'll try and sleep with his bed tonight so it gets some eau de Tizzy.

I'm also trying to get one extra visit in today but The Humane Society is overloaded. It is fantastic that they are so revered and trusted, yet it's heartbreaking that more and more animals are being given up or abandoned.

And I'm realizing this is not a well-written blog post. It's more a blah post. But my show is closing today, I gave myself food poisoning the other day, I have shin splints and there's oodles to do.


BD-2. So excited I could piddle.

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