Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baxter Day

He is home...and had an eventful day. He said goodbye to his friends at The Humane Society, Bonnie and Lowell...which actually made me weep.

He was friendly with a stranger...not a part of his M.O.

He had a rough time walking away from his home at the HSC...but we went a block, had a pee and a poo and jumped in a taxi. We got out across the street from my apartment and established our "Hurry up" walking route. Seems rescues especially need this...a recreated, consistent walk for a while so they can stop being in alert mode all the time.

The look on his face as he climbed the 4 flights to my apartment was priceless. Kinda like when I heard my dressing room was on the 7th floor.

I kept him on his lead as I introduced him to his new home...the mountain aerie rabbit warren. Even after all my cleaning, he found something on the floor to eat...our first confrontation and apology.

The one smart thing I did was put his bed under my dresser. It makes a nice little cave for him, and he feels safe. (Aka, his crate hasn't arrived yet.)

He jumped into his carrier twice. I'm thinking he's not going to love it. But I'm going to give him the opportunity to witness his friend George loving his. If he doesn't follow suit, back it goes.

He actually let me brush him.

I did two outings without him. The first for five minutes, the second for an hour. I slipped out. I tried to slip back in unnoticed, but he was waiting at the door. No barking. No chewing (other than himself most likely). No peeing. PAWSOME. I have no interest in creating a separation anxiety dog.

That being said, when we weren't playing fetch or going for walks, he either slept in his bed or on the sofa cradled by me. Bill told me he would be exhausted. Probably for a couple of days.

I have such mixed emotions...I'm sick that he showed up at THS after living with his family for almost 4 years. I'm sick he has a skin infection.

But without those, he wouldn't be mine.

And I wouldn't get to see him chase a toy with his ears flying out looking like Sister Bertrille.


  1. I am VERY happy for you that you got a dog. Dogs are awesome.

    How many people do you think will get the Sister Betrille reference, though? Getting pretty obscure…


    1. Maybe they'll learn, Thom. Maybe they'll learn...


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