Wednesday, November 9, 2011

i don't know how to write this

not because it's unwritable...but because I'm in tech and supposed to be in the theater from noon to midnight. We don't have internet connection there...I feel a bit like Laura Ingalls...Little Dressing Room on the Prairie.

But I want to list some kindnesses...and I'm going to start now and post them as they come to me.

The nice lady who drove me from the Shoreline East train stop to emergency care.

The nice EMT who said, "Yes, this is one of the times you should stay with your mother in the I.C.U. They won't mind."

DLC's beautiful "Old Friends"--the only music Nana liked her first night in the I.C.U. (Truth be told I skipped over Where've You Been.)

Catered lunches.

A stage manager wise and wonderful enough to let me go a little early a few days a week so I could more easily do overnights in New Haven.

Candy at rehearsals.

cards. Cards. CARDS!!!!

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