Saturday, November 12, 2011

and more...

The incredible field hockey player from high school (that this drama geek never hung out with) who offered to pick me up and drive me anywhere during Nana's hospitalization.

The gentle barrage of "what do you need."

Nana letting me fuss over my way. I am by nature not a fusser.

Nurses remembering to keep Nana's feet uncovered.

Strangers to Nana who sent her presents.

Journey juju.

Candle communication.

Stage manager offering to man my phone as we thought we were coming towards the end.

Bereavement day do-overs.

People respecting my wish not to be hugged or fussed over. I freakin' hate booboo face.

Chiropractic cries.

Nana's clarity over bequeathments. Damn, did that save additional heartache.

A beautiful photo album from a beautiful friend.

Having to rehearse for a missing colleague the day after Nana's death. Amazing how the juxtaposition of such events made everything fall into place and still make no sense. Enlightening.

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