Monday, April 18, 2011

The People in the Pic

Two-fold - People in the Picture is the last Broadway (or Great LORTway) show I was ueber-shortlisted for.* Can't complain. Every ounce of the audition experience was extraordinarily wonderful...including both a director and a nine-year-old who spoke fluent TiZ.

Here's the second fold - Because of the renovations (Oh yes, they continue. Gilbert is painting the closet room as we speak and then moving onto the living room, which should take, perhaps, a year.), I'm de-cluttering again...this time with the help of Marylee Fairbanks and The 24 Things. (Check it out.)

Okay...enough with the parenthetical phrases cluttering this post.

I'm throwing away pictures...and the frames they come in. Pictures that make me feel bad. The people in them don't tend's either who gave them to me or the reason they were given that are the issue. There's enough to feel bad about it, I don't need to be reminded...

1. That I missed my brother's wedding. I was poor, I had a job, and it conflicted. Did I hurt my family? Yes. Did I hurt myself? Yes. Was I back on Broadway within three months? Yes. Did that job lead to other amazing jobs? Yes. Was it the right choice? Don't know but I'm really tired of thinking about it.

B. That I once starred in a Broadway show and was not particularly management. I was very much appreciated by a Japanese doctor who took photos of my final curtain call, framed it and sent it to my home address...that had been supplied by the mischke management. Then he started to send me his late mother's clothing...C.O.D...FROM JAPAN. When I returned the second batch he supposedly sent a rather disgusting letter...that a friend read and destroyed believing I didn't need that kind of vitriol in my life.

3. This friend's picture remains.

I wonder if I can throw out pictures that live in my noggin too?

*Oh preposition. Should read "shortlisted for, Bitch."

1 comment:

  1. For the record, I can think of no reason why I might ever want to toss a picture of you. But, then, I tend to be a packrat and photos tend to be the last to go...


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