Friday, November 30, 2012

12 Days Minus 1

My original most many moons ago...


12 Days of Christ*&^%$

No...I'm not cursing out Our Lord Jesus. Not at all. I thought it would be fun to do a play on the 12 Days of Christmas with my name but since I haven't used my name in la blogue and adore my relative anonymity (aka, my relatives don't know I'm flogging said blog), I had to throw some crap in after the "t" to throw 'em off the scent. And might as well end on a dollar sign. Hopes for the New Fecking Year.

On the Fist Day of Christ*&^%$ (oooh...a typo and yet I like I'm raising my fist to the heavens screaming, "Why, God? Why?") I will reveal one thing about myself that perhaps you don't know. On the Second Day of Christ*&^%$ , I will reveal two things about myself that perhaps you don't know. On the Third Day of...and so on and so forth. 

And clap on. Clap off.

Sound like a plan? It's a plan. It should get a wee bit weird by the 12th since I'm a pretty open bouncy bunny and don't have many secrets. So I'll have to dig deep. And what would make the game even better-er would be if you would participate. Tell me weird things, unlikely things...even, dare I say it...oooooogy things. My favorite admission submission will get a copy (or two or three. Really. I'm beginning to use them as coasters.) of my cd for Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or whatever the hell you celebrate. Or a chocolate chip cookie pie and I use the cd's as nipple rings.

Let the games begin.


I'm so freaking excited I could puke!

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