Friday, August 31, 2012

Apolitical Intercourse

Okey dokey...

I rarely talk about politics.  I rarely write of politics.  I stay away from most political intercourse.  If I indulge with most Democrat friends then it's preaching to the choir...and Republican bashing.'re like me...we both hate them.  La La La. (Of course there are exceptions, and those are cherished.)

If I indulge with most Republican friends, I'm well aware I cannot sway them.  Most of my friends are intelligent creatures, well-educated, and have made informed decisions that work for them.  I'll ask them questions about how they arrived at those conclusions.  I rarely agree but I will listen.

For those with whom I indulge who are not intelligent, well-informed creatures, I'm well aware I cannot sway them.  It's not cool to be persuaded.  It's not cool to change your stance.  Especially in public.  Weak, weak, weak in the majority of this nation's eyes.


Hate me.  I know this will not be a popular sentiment among most of my friends.  I think Mitt Romney actually did a good job last night.  A successful infomercial.  His warmongering finale was bizarre, but it followed a quiet, gentle plea to swing voters that I fear was quite effective.  Not to me. But he wasn't talking to me.  I'm an Obama Mama. I'm a "pro-choice, marriage for all, universal healthcare, caring for the health of the universe, a teensy bit of socialism never hurt anyone" vixen. (That's just a little too long to be an effective moniker, right?  I'll work on it.)

He wasn't talking to me.  It would have been bizarre and not at all cost-effective for him to talk to me.  

We're all strange bedfellows.  Get used to it.  If you're a Republican, what the hell, go ask your Democrat friends how they got that way. If you're a Democrat, hey hey hey, go on and ask your Republican friends how they got that way.  If you're a swinger who watched the RNC, whoah, don't stop there.  Watch the DNC next week.  Maybe we'll give you something as sadly strange as Clint Eastwood.*

And if you're a Democrat, don't get too comfortable. Especially if you're in a swing state.  You're not going to change anyone on FaceBook.  Get your ass and your mouth to a phone bank and work it.

Okey dokey.  That's my quiet, gentle plea. 

*Oh, that was too easy.  I promised I wouldn't do it.  There...I done did it.

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