Thursday, May 10, 2012


My inbox bursts with solicitations for Mother’s Day.

“Treat Mom: Wine & Norman Love Chocolates,” “ Half Off Flower & Gifts for Mom,” “Loft Celebrates Moms,”

and the kicker:
“Let Me Be Your Mommy.” (Wait…what?).
I currently call it “Dead Mother’s Day.”
I think it surprises people when I say dead or died, as opposed to passed or past. Or my least favorite…moved on.
Mary: “I’m sorry. That was thoughtless of me.”
TiZ: “What was?”
Mary: “Talking about Mother’s Day.”
TiZ: “Why?  Because my mom is dead?”
Mary: “A friend of mine found it difficult after her mother moved on.”
TiZ: “Oh, well, mine didn’t move. She died.”

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