Friday, March 9, 2012


It makes me laugh that my last post was "Apologies come in many forms. Silence is not one of them."

And then I am silent for weeks on least here in Blogsville.

Just going through some profound stuff. Hugely profound and I'm stepping on and tripping over myself every step of the way.

And stepping on and tripping over the 11 pound wonderdog that happened into my life.

My mom is dead and the family manse is being torn apart and put back together again and shined up and sold. And it can be difficult to see objects that are part of some of your favorite memories go live somewhere else...home with you, with beloved friends, with strangers, to Goodwill or (gulp) the dumpster.

My childhood piano on which I learned to play the score to "Wonderful Town" was found to have mold. As far as I'm concerned it's gone to a lovely farm in the country where it can play with other misfit instruments.

Denial. This is how I get through the day.

Denial and lots of love.

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  1. Yeah ... it's called the Daisy Hill Farm for Things You Loved As A Child. I have lots of stuff there and I plan to visit one day. When we sold our family home the new owners tore up all the old trees and slapped some white siding on it. Can't even recognize the place anymore ... which is just as well 'cause as Bobbie Gentry once opined ... seasons come and seasons go. Have courage!


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