Sunday, July 3, 2011


don't guys I've dated tell me they're/they've getting/gotten married? Especially when I speak with them within a month of said blessed event? And we've always been friendly?

It's happened a number of times and the most recent discovery of this was this morning. On Facebook. AWESOME.

I would really like to know the answer to this question. I know at least one of you has personal experience and can please feel free to freakin' write me about it. Privately if need be. Please don't make me hunt you down. I'm just...baffled.

People are funny.

Does that holy sacrament, or at least VERY legal arrangement, just SLIP the mind?

Bought jam, smushed a frog with the car, got married, went on a trolley ride, did the dishes...


  1. You're not going to like this. But here's a tragic insight into what passes for the mind of Guys.

    Before "the words" are said (the marriage vows, that is), the guy hasn't crossed the Rubicon, as it were, and he's still a free agent. He thinks. Engaged or not; promised or not; he's still got wiggle room. He thinks.

    Guys can be d*cks. Please note, I'm not defending such jerks, or justifying immoral behavior. It's just... well, you asked.

    After "the words" are said... well, if he's still playing the field, he's a flaming, trifurcate d*ck, with one protuberance in his mouth, one in his hand, one up his keister. This, even I can't explain, beyond the obvious "Dude, were you not LISTENING to the marriage vows when you SAID them?"

    Someone needs to write a musical about this. A musical like "Assassins." Where all the guys who do such things receive their just rewards. And in the last scene, all the women still standing on stage (the only ones left alive) point guns at the audience and say, "Guys... we're watching you."

  2. "always been friendly" doesn't mean we're still physically involved. it just means there was no spitting hatred.

    i don't know. this morning's discovery was such a shock. "hey, guess what? i got married" just sounds like something that might come up in conversation.

    or maybe i'm crazy.


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