Friday, February 18, 2011

HAPPY !!,000

You e-lightful Bleaders. You did it!

You and ALL the Arabic readers where TiZ translates to something along the lines of "hoo hoo."

I know there are some blogs that reach 11,000+ hits in a day, but since I remain Ann Anonymous, do not promote (other than the occasional shout out on the Book of Face), and am just "the nicest random blog I've ever come across,"* I count myself mighty blessed. And do not feel like I'm toiling away in oblivion.

And for those of you who DO feel like you're toiling away in oblivion and not getting the credit you are due, my universal shout-out today is, "Excellent job. I appreciate you so."

See you in the land of 0s and's

*Thank you, random reader from India...where TIZ does not mean "hoo hoo."

1 comment:

  1. Nicest, huh? Hhhmm.
    Random? Sure.
    Blog? Definitely.
    Nicest? Nah. Much better than nicest.


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