Monday, July 5, 2010

Here I Sit...

Here I sit so happily on a day off. It's my second day off in a row and I'm in piggy pig pig heaven. I haven't really gotten out of the bed other than to grab food and TaB. I think my house is concerned...they knock, they check, they're sweet. And here is sit...or lounge...or lie.

The only thing that could possibly have improved today was if it had taken place in its entirety in a hammock. But since I hogged a hammock for three hours yesterday, inviting a few special people to become enveloped in my web, I really can't complain.

Or can I?

Tomorrow I will return to the land of the able-bodied and scatter-brained. To the emotionally generous and the stupidly petulant. To the control freaks and the free-spirits.

But today I sit with me.



  1. I'm currently torn between humming the "Here I sit..." song from "A New Brain" and "Halfway down the stairs" from Winnie-the-Pooh (as sung by Robin the Muppet). Good stuff, either way.

  2. Either would make me very happy, Robert!


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